A Thrusting Rabbit Can Help You Achieve Blended Orgasms

A Thrusting Rabbit Can Help You Achieve Blended Orgasms

A rabbit vibe stimulates multiple erogenous zones, which can help you achieve blended orgasms (clitoral and G-spot orgasms at the same time), says Lovehoney sex toy expert Ashley Cobb. She suggests getting a toy with a shaft length that comfortably inserts into the clitoris.

Thrusting rabbits usually have an internal shaft and an external attachment shaped like rabbit ears. You can control both independently, so you can customize the experience based on your preferences.

Thrusting Shaft

A thrusting rabbit is designed to deliver pleasure all over, and it comes with two vibrating motors to stimulate your clitoris and G-spot. The external shaft has a split end that looks a bit like ears, and you can nestle your clitoris between them for tease and stimulation. You can turn up the intensity of the external shaft vibration to your liking, and you can also use the clitoral rabbit ears for pleasure on their own or in combination with the thrusting action.

The inner rabbit shaft has an array of rotating beads to tickle and tease as you move your body. You can choose between 3 shaft speeds that feature simultaneous thrusting and rotation, as well as 7 clitoral functions to explore. This rabbit vibe is made from TPE, and it’s soft and smooth for your enjoyment. It’s also fully waterproof, making it ideal for play in the shower or bath.

When choosing a rabbit vibe, check the insertable length to ensure it fits you perfectly. A vibe with a too-long shaft might not reach the clitoral ridge, and trying to force it in could get uncomfortable. You should also pay attention to the power button positioning, as some designs position it in a way that’s not easy to reach with your fingers. Some of the best rabbit vibrators come with a remote control for extra convenience, which makes them perfect for couples play.

Clitoral Vibration

Rabbit vibes are a favorite among women because they offer clitoral stimulation with their head and shaft. If you’re new to internal stim, start slow by using your rabbit vibrator for foreplay only. As you get more comfortable, try moving the toy around your vulva and varying pleasure settings. You can use your rabbit to thrust, vibrate, flex, and rotate your clitoris.

You can find a wide variety thrusting rabbit of rabbit vibrators online, but there’s one in particular that stands out: the Lovehoney Jessica Rabbit. This top-rated sex toy is inexpensive, portable, and super easy to use. It’s also 100% waterproof and features 49 vibration combinations between the thrusting inner arm and flexing, vibrating outer arm.

The Fun Factory Miss Bi is another rabbit vibe that’s a crowd pleaser, offering anal stimulation in addition to vaginal and clitoral stim. This vibe is made from medical-grade silicone and is phthalate-free and body safe for shower and bath play. It can also be used Push Rabbit Manufacturers with a partner for anal stimulation and has a clitoral stimulator and a G-spot stimulating texture pad.

The Eve Thrusting Rabbit is a must-have for fans of Fifty Shades. This luxurious rabbit vibe is part of the Official Pleasure Collection and endorsed by author E.L. James herself. It’s a powerful little toy with dual motors and a thrusting curved shaft that hits your G spot perfectly. It also has a clitoral stimulator, swirling internal beads, and exciting thrusting and gyrating functions that are independently controllable.

Internal Vibration

As with all things sexual, our desires can change from day to day and even minute to minute. That’s why it’s a great idea to play around with different techniques and erogenous zones when using your rabbit vibrator. You can hone in on your G-spot with the external rabbit arm and use it to thrust and clitoral massage your sweet spot, or you could tease the nipple or vulva with the internal nub and its range of vibration speeds and patterns.

For example, this rabbit vibe from Fun Factory can thrust, flutter and vibrate in all sorts of ways thanks to its sultry design. It’s got 64 stimulation settings to explore, so you can find the perfect combination for you and your desires. The shaft pulsates and vibrates beautifully, while the firm bunny ears bring about clitoral bliss in a delicious way.

Another option is this enticing rabbit dildo from PlusOne, which has multiple modes of playful vibration and 3 mind-blowing thrust and vibration speed combinations. It’s also fully submersible, so you can enjoy a shower or bath play session. The textured tip is super exciting too, with a multitude of textured nodes and ripples to excite your inner pleasure areas. It’s sexy, soft and made with body-safe silicone. You’ll fall in love with this one for sure!

Head Vibration

This cute dildo packs a punch with dual vibration motors in the shaft and head, clitoral stimulation, and internal vibes. Plus, its curved G-spot-hitting head is textured for even more sensations, and the entire toy is shaped to fit comfortably inside the vagina. With a warming mode to aid with pelvic relaxation, this next-level rabbit vibrator is the real deal.

If you’re looking for a no-fuss rabbit toy that’s a bit less expensive but still keeps up with more premium toys, this one from PlusOne delivers. Its simple controls keep it easy to use for any experience level, and the waterproof build is ideal for play in the shower or tub. Plus, it’s a rechargeable toy with 10 unique vibration modes and 3 hours of battery life, making it the perfect choice for on-the-go fun.

The first Rabbit vibe to emphasize clitoral stimulation, this sleek, silky toy has earned HUNDREDS of enthusiastic 5-star reviews for its powerful thrusting action and super-realistic shape designed for internal stimulation to hit that sweet spot just right. With a body of silky soft silicone and independently-controlled dual vibration motors that offer up to 15 different settings between the head and shaft, this vibe is sure to satisfy your every wish. Plus, its flexi body gives you up to five inches of insertable length, and the head features a variety of vibration patterns, strengths, and intensities.



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